• Beautiful grey-green wedding cake with embossed fondant texture that resemble ceramic tiles
  • Modern sophisticated cake design with circular fondant panels in pleated formation
  • Gorgeous designer cake with pleated fondant detail that resembles Japanese-inspired origami
  • Stunning wedding cake with free-flowing wafer paper swirls and sugarflower decoration


For close to a decade, Crummb Cakes has created some of the most trend-setting cake designs to light up social media. From her artisanal studio in Singapore, cake artist Paulin Teo has developed a modern, architectural aethestic that has inspired cake decorators around the world.

Now, Paulin is ready to share all her tips and tricks to help you recreate Crummb's signature designs. Whether you're a cake decorating newbie or a professional bakery owner, these tools and online tutorials will take your caking game to the next level.